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Un-muzzle the scientists? Not so fast.

Those with the lab coats do not have a monopoly on evidence

How Canada’s incoherence on climate is killing Keystone

In the absence of ambitious climate policies, Edmonton and Ottawa have decided on an ambitious program of wordsmithing
Canadian Prime Minister Harper plays cribbage during visit to the Trinity Lodge Seniors Home in Calgary

The new Stephen Harper, safer than the old Harper

Paul Wells on the more reserved prime minister
Science protest 20120710

Scientists vs. Harper

Science-ish looks at the evidence on the claim that the Tory government is anti-science
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So much for Dutch disease

Mulcair’s references to Dutch disease obscure his environmental criticisms of the oil patch
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Lawful Access: a creepy Valentine from Vic Toews

No one will ’read emails without a warrant,’ he says. Indeed, it may be much worse than that.
The unofficial opposition

Canada’s unofficial (and unelected) opposition

Former high-ranking civil servants are outspoken critics of the Harper government

How the government wants to trick us into saving more

Never mind the hypothetical cuts to OAS, Ottawa’s got some actual pension measures before Parliament
Getting inside Harper’s headspace

Getting inside Harper’s headspace

’Everybody knows final decisions are made by the PM’