Harrington Lake

The Prime Minister's official country residence at Harrington Lake, Que. (CP/Fred Chartrand)

If Harrington Lake is everyone’s house then I’ll see you all there

Paul Wells: Trudeau’s behaviour around the ‘Farmhouse’ renovation fits a pattern: believing that you deserve only the information he deigns to give


Rob Ford will not sit down

Unlike the Prime Minister’s Office, Rob Ford is willing to talk about his “private” fishing trip with the Prime Minister at Harrington Lake.


Just a couple of guys going fishing

The Prime Minister’s Office apparently won’t say whether Stephen Harper and Rob Ford went fishing at Harrington Lake.
The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the mayor’s office wouldn’t take the bait when asked about the meeting. George Christopoulos, Ford’s press secretary, refused to comment. The PMO was equally tight-lipped. “We do not comment on the prime minister’s private schedule,” Carl Vallée, Harper’s press secretary, said in an e-mail.
Philosophical question for the day: Could a meeting between two public officials at an official residence be considered private?

A little over a year ago, video was posted to YouTube of Stephen Harper speaking at a barbeque hosted by Rob Ford. That video disappeared, apparently at the behest of the Prime Minister’s Office. In that video, reposted below, Mr. Ford spoke of a previous fishing trip with Mr. Harper.


‘Hi, I’m James Bezan and this is Woody, my horse’

The Winnipeg Press Fress reports that the Conservatives will soon be sending out video versions of their highly acclaimed political flyers, the first one featuring noted non-partisan and reluctant senator Mike Duffy. But, notes the Free Press, Conservative MP James Bezan is way ahead of the technological curve, having already set-up his own YouTube channel.



The Prime Minister is hosting Conservative MPs at Harrington Lake this evening (thanks taxpayers!). Blake Richards twitters the festivities.