Hassan Diab

Could the Trudeau government change Canada’s extradition law?

Hassan Diab’s case has experts pushing for reform that makes extradition more difficult for people in ‘exceptional circumstances’


Foreign justice

The Justice Minister’s decision to order the extradition of Hassan Diab is a source of concern. Meanwhile, interim Liberal leader Bob Rae has written to the governor of Montana to plead for clemency for Ronald Allen Smith.

Accused terrorist’s replacement takes over at Carleton

New instructor says it became “difficult” to have Diab in the classroom


Professors work for you

A call to take back your education


Diab saga continues at Carleton

OnCampus blogger tweets live from former professor’s classroom


Man accused in bombing hired, then fired at Carleton

Carleton University removes professor accused of attack on synagogue one day after he was hired, citing concerns about a “stable, productive academic environment”


Ottawa lecturer and alleged Paris bomber denied bail

French authorities claim prof belonged to a terrorist group, lawyer calls it a case of mistaken identity


Wife says accused prof is innocent in Paris blast

French police allege U Ottawa, Carleton prof played a role in synagogue bombing


Ottawa U instructor maintains innocence in Paris bombing

French officials have 45 days to back up their extradition request