Gravel is thrown at Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, left, as the RCMP security detail provide protection, while protesters shout at a local microbrewery during the Canadian federal election campaign in London Ont., on Monday, September 6, 2021. (Nathan Denette/CP)

Protesters threw rocks at the PM. It should matter more.

Fatima Syed: Hate is a virus that grows rapidly if left unaddressed. And it’s been left unaddressed or dismissed by our political leaders for far too long.  

Why would anyone hate Catherine McKenna?

As the face of the climate change file, McKenna has endured a torrent of vile abuse. Behind it is a powder keg of anxiety, resentment, and a lot of anger.
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Dalhousie plans to paint over the real problem

Why the graffiti on campus isn’t the right target
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Hate crime reported by Muslim Queen’s University students

Principal Daniel Woolf "deeply concerned" about attack
Elizabeth May

What students are talking about today (November 22nd)

Elizabeth May, Black Friday, possible hate crime in The Soo
Bic for her

What students are talking about today (Aug. 29 edition)

Sexist Bics, world records, football and a stolen monkey
Khomeini Iran

Carleton, Khomeini, and free speech

University defends controversial campus conference
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Ottawa police investigate "memes"

Gay Carleton student targeted
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It’s ‘apartheid’ time again. Pick your villain.

Students boycott Israel, but are blasé about Syria. Why?