Hudson’s Bay Company Collection Barbie (Photograph by Nick Iwanyshyn)

HBC’s ’Colonial Barbie’ comes with some baggage

The toy, emblazoned in the Hudson’s Bay Company’s iconic colours, is a hot-ticket reminder of a colonial past
Target Earns

Waiting for Target: Canadian retailers retrench

Retail companies brace for the U.S. juggernaut to set up shop north of the border
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“It’s about the mittens”

Crowds line Granville St. for a pair of the $10 Olympic fashion craze

Channelling Bob and Doug McKenzie

HBC’s clothing line for the Vancouver Games is better than the disaster it pushed in Beijing. But it’s still a bore—and there’s the whole logo fiasco.
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Bonnie of The Bay

She’s smart, fearless and charismatic. Will that be enough to revive the iconic retailer?