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Canadian Medical Association President Alika Lafontaine

The Power List: Alika Lafontaine is working to make life better for all doctors

Lafontaine’s ability to consider the greater whole was his biggest asset when he assumed the CMA’s top job
Chelsea Cadieux, Dec 2022, Ottawa ON-2

An impossible job: What it’s like to work in a pediatric ICU

“No child should be denied a ventilator or bed, yet these are the kinds of decisions we were having to make”
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I was a nurse for 10 years in Scotland. So why can’t I get certified in Canada?

"Nursing is the only career I’ve ever wanted but I just don’t have any fight left in me"

My Prediction: More ERs will close and more doctors will burn out

Without a viable national strategy, Canada’s health-care system will continue to collapse.

I’m a children’s hospital doctor. Thanks to RSV, we may be in for a “tripledemic” this winter.

“We are facing what regular hospitals experienced at the peak of COVID—if not worse”