heart attack

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Ronald Alan Sept, 1946-2012

Heart disease ran in the family; he had survived three heart attacks, and a heart transplant
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Fear of dying makes heart attacks worse, study suggests

Fear linked to heightened inflammation
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Heart attacks more severe in the morning, say experts

Morning attacks more likely to damage larger area of tissue
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Maclean’s Interview: Bernice Packford

The 95-year-old on why she wants to kill herself, despite being healthy, and why she thinks a doctor should be allowed to help
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An Act of Courage

Skating just days after her mother’s death, Joannie Rochette delivered one of the Games’ defining moments
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How to act after your heart attack

For night terrors on business trips, call the hotel front desk and don’t flaunt your meds
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Charles Albert Hansman 1926-2009

He and his wife of six decades, Shirley, were inseparable. Around her, he would really open up.
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Russel John Karonia:re Curotte 1958-2009

A powerful athlete who was at home in and on the water, he became an avid hunter
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Joseph Pierre Adélard Lambert 1939-2009

A lifelong Liberal, he only faced two opponents during more than 20 years as a popular town councillor
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Growing a new heart

The quest to use the body’s own cells to fix a damaged heart