heath ledger


Macabre premonitions of Heath

It’s shocking how eerily Heath Ledger’s last screen role foreshadowed his tragic death

Through the looking glass in Cannes

From the old mastery of Alain Resnais to a to Heath Ledger’s final jest, cinema greatest romance is with itself


Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and the late Heath Ledger to light up Cannes

Ang Lee, Almodóvar, and Campion figure in a heavyweight line-up of masters


Being Charlie Kaufman

At the press conference after the Cannes premiere of Synecdoche, New York, Charlie Kaufman’s feature directing debut, the screenwriter who hatched Being John Malkovich, Adaptation and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind looked understandably nervous. From the first question, asking why on earth he put a word in his title that most American won’t be able to pronounce, never mind understand, he was on the defensive. Synecdoche, in case you slept through that English class, is a figure of speech in which a part stands for a whole. It rhymes with the New York town of Schenectady—hence play on words in the title.


Photo Gallery: Toronto Film Festival 2006

Juilette Binoche epitomized the “blonde bombshell” look at Breaking and Entering
premiere, along with co-star Jude Law — who had an impish grin for festival paparrazzi. The Dixie Chicks came to town with a hot documentary that followed the backlash after their dig at President George Bush. From Ashton Kutcher to Zach Braff, see all the celebs that invaded Toronto this past September.