Heather Mallick

We need more discordant voices in the media

From Ezra Levant to Heather Mallick, it’s easy and important to find dissenting views in media coverage—but odds are you won’t, writes Scott Gilmore


Megapundit Extra: Yes, we know the drill

Heather Mallick explains Canadian politics to Guardian readers, whom she apparently deems too stupid to appreciate the manifest differences between various nations’ politics or too incurious to be interested by them.


Megapundit: Issues, schmissues

Must-reads: Chantal Hébert on dissing the Greens; Norman Spector on the value of another minority; Dan Gardner on election psychology; Christie Blatchford on Sgt. Prescott Shipway; Don Martin and Greg Weston on l’affaire macareux; Thomas Walkom on our dull(er) election campaign.