Helena Guergis


Helena Guergis must pay $118,560 for opponents’ legal costs

Helena Guergis’ unsuccessfully defamation lawsuit against Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other big names of the Conservative Party will be costing her an extra $118,560.

What students are talking about today (Aug. 30 edition)

Helena Guergis, student housing, Obama and Occupy


Case dismissed

Helena Guergis’ lawsuit has been dismissed.


Alleged tribulations on trial

Meagan Fitzpatrick reports from today’s hearings into Helena Guergis’ lawsuit.


‘This is just plain bad’

The Canadian Press, CBC and Postmedia report from Ontario Superior Court, where a lawyer for Stephen Harper (et al.) argued today that Helena Guergis’ lawsuit should be dismissed. The Prime Minister originally moved for dismissal in May.


Taxpayers will foot the bill for Harper’s lawyer in Guergis lawsuit

The federal government has hired a private lawyer at taxpayers’ expense to represent the prime minister and three other people in a lawsuit brought by former Tory cabinet minister Helena Guergis, according to Postmedia News.


Back to work

Helena Guergis filed suit. Peter MacKay got married. Stephen Woodworth tried to start a debate about abortion. The Prime Minister appointed seven senators. And Sarah Polley endorsed Peggy Nash.


Guergis launches lawsuit against Harper

Former MP sues Prime Minister Harper, the Conservative Party of Canada, and several individuals


Ethics commissioner finds Guergis broke rules

Former Conservative MP lobbied on behalf of company with ties to her husband


He says, she says

When Mr. Harper announced last April that Helena Guergis was the subject of serious allegations, he said that “pending a resolution, she will sit outside of the Conservative Party caucus.” But though the allegations against Helena Guergus are now confirmed to be those that have already been dismissed, she apparently remains unwelcome.

Working the comeback trail

Guergis works the comeback trail

The former cabinet minister is fighting for her political life against the full might of the Tory electoral machine