Hepatitis C


A cure for hepatitis C

It kills more Canadians than any other virus. Now there’s a cure, but few can afford it.
Professor Pirk, doctor Urban and suture nurse Vapenkova perform a heart surgery at the IKEM in Prague

Should we make surgeons get tested for HIV, hep B and hep C?

Science-ish looks at the evidence on infected doctors
When a doctor has Hep C

When a doctor has Hep C

Fear of transmission from physician to patient has some regulators taking no chances

In conversation with Mike MacDonald

Canadian comedy legend on life in the fast lane, his hepatitis C diagnosis, and the miracle he is praying for
Blood, sweat and fears

Blood, sweat and fears

Wrestling legend Abdullah the Butcher may cut himself, but he claims he didn’t give rival Devon Nicholson hepatitis C