Donald Trump at Snap-On Tools in Kenosha, Wisconsin

History won’t be unkind to Trump—it will be cruel

Scott Gilmore: Even if Trump can outrun the law, he will still be remembered as the most ignorant and incompetent president ever

Vindicating ‘Ham’ Roberts, 75 years after Dieppe

Seventy-five years ago, Gen. ’Ham’ Roberts led the doomed Dieppe raid—and lived out his days in infamy. But there’s more to the story.
“The Taking of Vimy Ridge,” 1917. Painted by Richard Jack

A not-so-happy 100th birthday to income tax in Canada

This summer marks a century since Ottawa reluctantly imposed the first federal income tax on Canadians to pay for the war. Once entrenched, though, the tax never went away.
The Western Suburbs of Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada, c1888.

How a smallpox epidemic forged modern British Columbia

In 1862, smallpox killed thousands of Indigenous people in B.C.—and what ensued sparked issues that the province still grapples with today
Trudeau Langevin 20170621

The case for keeping ’Langevin Block’

Peter Shawn Taylor on the danger of judging historical figures, from Langevin to Cornwallis, on individual acts

Canada’s oldest person: Living through 112 years of history

Dolly Gibb is only 38 years younger than Canada. Tracking her life allows us to follow the growth of a nation.
Panoramic view of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

How a scuttled U.S. trade deal helped lead to modern Canada

As trade with Canada falls under Trump’s angry, roving eye, a look back at a U.S. trade deal that helped lead to Confederation
Embarked For France

How America’s memory of the First World War slipped away

The Great War marked the true beginning of the American century. But 100 years later, “the war to end all wars” is largely forgotten in the U.S.
“The Taking of Vimy Ridge,” 1917. Painted by Richard Jack

How precision planning made Canada’s Vimy Ridge victory possible

In the weeks leading up to the attack on Vimy, the Canadian Corps commanders and engineers meticulously drilled their minute-by-minute plan
16/06/06-CHINESE HEAD TAX APOLOGY-James Pon, 88, photographed at his home in Toronto. He still has t

What Canada’s ’Yellow Peril’ teaches us about this migrant moment

History has plenty to tell us about this moment of fraught borders—and about the consequences of racist government policies