A fighter of YPG fires anti-aircraft weapon from Tel Tawil village in direction of Islamic State fighters positioned in countryside of town of Tel Tamr

The modern world’s mass violence is almost entirely due to civil wars

The wounds of civil war are deeper and worse than the wounds in conventional, interstate wars
Parliament 1866

Celebrating 150 years of Parliament Hill

On Wednesday, Ottawa celebrates 150 years of the legislature meeting on Parliament Hill. Here’s what they did on day one.
Q 13633

In the Great War, 1916 marked the point of no return

This year marks the centennial of many important—if under-recognized—historic events. The first in a series of why 1916 was such an interesting year
War Plan Red by Kevin Lippert. (Princeton Architectural Press)

How Canada planned to invade the U.S. (and vice versa)

A new book offers an unintentional guide for Canada to conquer America. If, for some reason, we ever wanted to try to do that.
Theater Stratford Festival

Book review: The most famous assassination ever

In taking on the conspiracy to assassinate Julius Caesar, Strauss tells a story of near-mythic status—and scant sources.

A manifesto for historians: book review

Authors Guldi and Armitage have some advice for the Historians of the world: it’s time to go big.
The Royalist Revolution:  Monarch and The American Founding by Eric Nelson

A not-so-revolutionary American Revolution

If Americans hate monarchs so much, why do they elect one?

Remembering the First World War with satire, rather than solemnity

The Bodleian Library’s treasures reveal that mockery was a potent British wartime weapon

Photo essay: Vestiges of a bunker mentality

The Berlin Wall fell, but testaments to the Cold War remain standing
First World War

Maclean’s named the Great War

The term ’the Great War’ first appeared in print in Maclean’s back in October 1914