Prime Minister Justin Trudeau walks in Toronto's Pride parade on Jun. 23, 2019. (Chris Young/CP)

The sad politicization of Pride

KC Hoard: Pride parades, when stripped to their most core elements, are public acts of resistance against the powers that continue to limit queer people’s rights
Parliament of Canada, Peace Tower, Canadian Flags

It’s time to stop linking ’loose morals’ to immigrants with HIV

Opinion: Removing medical inadmissibility from Canadian immigration legislation is long overdue
Blood vials for HIV testing

Why can’t Saskatchewan solve its HIV crisis?

Soaring infection rates over the past decade aren’t going down, leaving doctors to wonder: What’s the province waiting for?
Overdose Crisis 20161219

To win the fight against AIDS, we must end the war on drugs

Opinion: Injection drugs remain a key driver of the global HIV epidemic—and to solve it, we have to reform drug criminalization

Does PrEP, an HIV-preventing drug, make sense for gay men?

PrEP is being sold as a way to give gay men peace of mind—but it may not be as risk-free or socially responsible as it seems

Charlie Sheen and the chase for an HIV vaccine

Charlie Sheen has the drugs to keep HIV at bay. One day, scientists hope to have a vaccine.
Blood vials for HIV testing

Saskatchewan’s HIV epidemic

Third World levels of HIV infection rates in one of the world’s wealthiest countries are ’a national disgrace’

Half of students don’t use condoms? Really?

The surprising results of Canadian student sex surveys