Hockey Night


Introducing your new Hockey Night theme…

Dodged a bullet here, as far as I’m concerned. There were countless thousands of entries a lot worse than this one. Over time I think audiences could even grow fond of it.


Hockey’s often about organ damage, after all. Time to send in reinforcements

More from our search for Serious Musicians who’ve submitted entries to the Hockey Night theme contest: Andrew Ager, music director of St. James Cathedral in Toronto, submits this, played on a big honkin’ pipe organ. (Click “More from Andrew Ager” to hear, well, more from Andrew Ager.)


Puck-droppin’ good tunes

John Estacio — former composer-in-residence at the Calgary Philharmonic, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Calgary Opera, composer of the operas Filumena and Frobisher, one of the country’s most-frequently-performed symphonic composers — humbly submits his proposed theme song for Hockey Night in Canada.