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London Police should stop targeting Western students

Cheerleader ticketed for cheering on homecoming weekend

What students are talking about today (Sept. 18 edition)

Freshman 15, politics in the classroom & anger at OCAD U.

Queen’s homecoming canceled for 3 more years

Street riots hurting university’s reputation
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At least 23 arrests as Queen’s parties on

Despite homecoming cancellation, booze-fuelled bashes on campus keep police busy
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Kingston police brace for another night of partying

Last year, thousands of people jammed the streets and officers made nearly 140 arrests
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New York Times weighs in on Queen’s party "problem"

Former city councilor combats late-night revelry by posting photos on the Internet
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Queen’s cancels fall homecoming as safety concerns reach ‘critical point’

Three years after infamous car burning, the university cancels homecoming