Homeland Security


Jeh Johnson on the threat from Islamic State

The U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security on domestic risks, counter-terrorism, and the Canada-U.S. border
APTOPIX Severe Weather

5 at 5: Southern U.S. braces for more storms, potential tornadoes

Also: More sanctions against Russia, Assad for president, Internet Explorer flaws and a potentially explosive whale
Security trumps trade at the border

Security trumps trade at the U.S. border

Deeper economic integration has been stalled by a risk-averse U.S. government

Oops! You’re not a child pornographer after all.

Righteousness is one thing, competence a whole other.
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Canada’s biggest problem? America

From protectionist policy to border security to environmental laws, our best friend is making our lives miserable
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Why the U.S. doesn’t trust Canada

Ottawa hasn’t been serious about security, says one former Homeland Security official