7 charts that tell the story of Canada’s higher homicide rate

Canada’s homicide rate rose in 2015. Here’s a look at some of the factors that were at play.

An ugly homicide number we need to discuss

Aboriginal people account for a disproportionate share of homicide victims and accused murderers, a reality Canada must confront in order to halt the violence


Surrey’s infamous dead-end road

Four of Surrey’s 10 homicide victims this year have ended up on the same isolated road


Guns, crime and stats in the U.S.

‘Going postal’ is the tip of the iceberg. The larger problem lies beneath the surface


Crime continues to decline

The murder rate increased slightly, but the overall crime rate and the violent crime rate declined in 2011.

10 countries with the highest homicide rates

How do Canada and the U.S. compare to the world’s homicide hot spots?


The complicated nature of statistics

Stephen Harper, June 2008. It’s one thing that they, the criminals do not get it, but if you don’t mind me saying, another part of the problem for the past generation has been those, also a small part of our society, who are not criminals themselves, but who are always making excuses for them, and when they aren’t making excuses, they are denying that crime is even a problem: the ivory tower experts, the tut-tutting commentators, the out-of-touch politicians. “Your personal experiences and impressions are wrong,” they say. “Crime is not really a problem.” I don’t know how you say that. 


A suspect is identified

An individual suspected to be involved with the discovery of body parts in Ottawa and Montreal has been identified. Video of the killing may exist and the second package, the one that contained a human hand, is now said to have been bound for the Liberal party headquarters.

Most likely to be murdered

Canada’s most dangerous cities: homicide

Seven murders gave the city top spot in 2010, well above the national rate


We’re killing each other less than we used to

The murder rate fell again in 2010

Edmonton’s death belt

Edmonton’s murder belt

It’s been a banner year for homicides, especially in the northern fringe of downtown


Trouble in ‘paradise’

A man accused of killing his brother sparks the first murder investigation on the Island in five years