Hong Kong protests

Police guard an MTR station exit near the Legislative Council in Hong Kong on May 27, 2020 (Isaac lawrence/AFP/Getty Images)

Waiting for China to change its behaviour is to wait for the worst yet to come

Shannon Gormley: Countries such as Canada have waited for Beijing to come around, but the territories closest to the mainland, and thus in gravest danger from its overreaches, have run out of time

Riot police in Hong Kong detain a protester on Sunday during a demonstration against Beijing's national security legislation (Vincent Yu/AP)

The fight for a free Hong Kong isn’t over just because Canada wants no part of it

Terry Glavin: Politicians, academics and activists around the world say Beijing has undermined its claim to sovereignty over Hong Kong by breaching its 1997 agreement with Britain. Will the Trudeau government join them?

In the battle over Hong Kong, the surveillance state knows no boundaries

There is a proxy war happening in Vancouver over Hong Kong and activists say that not only are they being watched, but pro-Beijing provocateurs are trying to intimidate them

Hong Kong protestors to democratic leaders: Stand up for us before it’s too late

‘Hong Kong is the foreshadow of what will happen to the western world,’ warns one leading demonstrator. ‘Whatever happens here is the first chapter’

Forget the Canada-China conflict, it’s about human rights

Alex Neve: Should a refugee crisis arise, Canada should take a leading role in ensuring the safety of all Hong Kong residents

When the democratic world turned its back on Hong Kong’s freedom fighters

Terry Glavin: Leaders at the G20 ignored their plight. Now pro-democracy demonstrators are in such despair that some have resorted to suicide.

Inside the fight for Hong Kong

Two million people have flooded the city’s streets to protest China’s rising influence. Shannon Gormley on one day of the protest and the lives that it touched.


Thousands call for the resignation of leader Leung Chun-ying

To mark the coming of a new year, Hong Kong residents took to the streets in protest against the Chinese government. On Jan. 1, between 26, 000 and 130, 000 protestors called for the resignation of Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying, who is accused of illegally renovating his mansion. While the protests widely focused on the alleged corruption of Leung, who took office last year after being chosen by a small, elite committee, many came to protest a general lack of democracy in the semi-autonomous region.