honour killing

Hamed Mohammed Shafia

The Shafia case is finished—finally

The Supreme Court puts to rest the honour-killing saga that scarred the country and left Muslims feeling besieged
The Honour Killing Trial - Chapter 1

The Shafia honour killing trial–Chapter 1

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A mother and son face the truth

A mother and son face the truth

Tooba Yahya banks on her son’s shaky alibi that he was there when his sisters ’accidentally’ died
Submerge bodies

“We are not murderers”

At the “honour killing” trial, an accused mother is confronted with the prosecution’s full version of events
Tooba Mohammad Yahya, Mohammad Shafia, Hamed Mohammed Shafia

Tooba the truth teller

Accused of “honour” killing three of her daughters, mom insists she is finally being honest
The mother of all lies

The mother of all lies

Tooba Yahya says she didn’t tell the truth about being at the locks that night. Which story will the jury buy?
Hamed Mohammed Shafia

“He should have told us”

At the Shafia trial, the defence strategy is suddenly clear: Hamed was there that night, not mom and dad
The hunt for the truth

Mohammad Shafia sticks to his story

On the witness stand at last, the accused honour killer stuck to his version of what happened to his murdered daughters
Mohammad Shafia

“My children did a lot of cruelty to me”

On the witness stand, accused “honour killer” Mohammad Shafia says he was the model father
An ancient, twisted code

The Shafias’ ancient, twisted code

The Shafia trial isn’t about religion, but who controls a woman’s body