A rescue farm in Duncan, Vancouver Island, holds horses that have avoided slaughter (Photograph by Jen Osborne)

Canada is a go-to source of horsemeat. These activists are trying to change that.

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition is waging a court battle to end Canada’s role as an exporter of live horses and frozen horsemeat for human consumption
Queen Elizabeth II Reopen Canada House

Why were RCMP Musical Ride horses in London?

Patricia Treble finds the answer to how RCMP horses greeted the Queen at Canada House
Queen Elizabeth II

Bookies lose millions because of the Queen

The gambling industry’s royal woes grow
Patricia Elaine Nelson

Patricia Elaine Nelson

A lifelong horse lover, she spent her life painting, raising and training horses
An articulate horse who doesn’t talk

The secret behind the realism of ’War Horse’

There’s nothing whimsical or cute about the star
And the cow jumped over the . . .

And the cow jumped over the . . .

Having a pony is one of those little girl dreams that are usually dashed by a resounding parental "nay"
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Newsmakers ’09: Comebacks

Tigers Woods, Tim Hortons, and others made their big comeback this year