Jocelyn Ho is the Rare Plant Fairy. (Photos courtesy Rare Plant Fairy)

I’m the Rare Plant Fairy. I sell exotic plants to customers worldwide.

Jocelyn Ho started selling rare plants during the pandemic. Now, business is budding. “We have our ‘rare plant drops’ every Friday, which our customers know to set their alarms for.”
Prakke, with the katsura tree outside his home, is passionate about allergy-free gardening (Photograph by Carmen Cheung)

’Botanical sexism’ could be why your allergies keep getting worse

Meet the 84-year-old Hamilton, Ont., man on a crusade to make schoolyards and parks a little less sexist— and a lot more allergy-friendly

Shh . . . the plants are thinking

Groundbreaking research shows that plants keep time, count and know themselves
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High-rise horticulture

Lufa Farms, says its greenhouse will give urbanites a chance to eat veggies grown in their own neighbourhoods