Hot Docs

How a typo created a scapegoat for the AIDS epidemic

A 1984 study planted the seed that would lead the media to falsely demonize Gaëtan Dugas as Patient Zero of an epidemic that would kill more than 700,000 people in North America

I found an SOS note from China in a box of decorations—and it changed how I live

Opinion: In Oregon, among Halloween decorations, Julie Keith found a cry for help from a Chinese labour camp. Years later, it’s changed how she shops and parents

Is Bill Nye a science guy—or is he wearing a science guise?

Maybe he won’t save the world. But with a new doc and Netflix show, the Science Guy is, at the very least, saving his career

Seeing a Syrian refugee’s journey, through a child’s eyes

Norwegian filmmaker Egil Håskjold Larsen on ’69 Minutes Of 86 Days’, a refugee documentary focussed on humanity, not horror

Canada’s Charter at 35: Watch a Maclean’s and Hot Docs fireside chat

Watch a replay of John Geddes’s on-stage interview with former Supreme Court justice Ian Binnie on the legacy of Canada’s Charter

A legendary former Supreme Court judge talks about our fundamental freedoms

Join Maclean’s for a Hot Docs Q&A with Ian Binnie to explore our Charter in a unique event, live in Toronto or on on Apr. 29

In a story of survival, a different way to understand domestic abuse

It’s hard to watch. But Attiya Khan’s film—documenting her efforts to find common ground with her abusive ex-partner—is important

My son asked me a question—and I felt the pain of the ’60s Scoop again

As an Indigenous filmmaker, I witnessed—and felt keenly, myself—the unique, hard-to-explain heartbreak caused by the ’60s Scoop

How the shower scene from ‘Psycho’ slashed its way into legend

An obsessive new documentary dives deep into Psycho’s iconic shower scene, which changed film and culture forever

The passions and possibilities of autism

A pair of tender new documentaries highlight how people with autism are so much more than society’s misconceptions, ascending into wizardry or falling into tragedy

Canada’s uncomfortable reliance on migrant workers

A new documentary, Migrant Dreams, explores the questions behind temporary foreign workers

Katie Couric takes on America’s gun problem at Hot Docs

Katie Couric’s ‘Under the Gun’ looks at what has changed in the gun-regulation since the Sandy Hook school shooting. A lot, it turns out, but for the worse.