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How to cool a red-hot housing market

Animal spirits still rule Canada’s real estate scene, working urban markets into a froth. But there are ways to tame them.
Desperation Sets In For House Hunters In Red-Hot Toronto Market

How Canada’s big banks pumped up the housing bubble

The banks earn big profits off soaring house prices, knowing that taxpayers will clean up the mess if the bubble pops. That has to change.

B.C. is desperate to keep its housing bubble aloft. It won’t work.

Canada’s household debt is at record highs and a reckoning is coming. B.C.’s offer to further burden the most vulnerable borrowers will surely backfire
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B.C.’s free loans to homebuyers won’t buy much in Vancouver

B.C.’s plan to give new homebuyers interest-free loans is a terrible idea that will only worsen Vancouver’s housing bubble

Hands off my housing bubble!

Canada’s housing bubble is the economy’s biggest risk—and its biggest driver. Now governments want to cool it down.
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A housing market that’s too hot to handle

Those who once dismissed talk of Canada’s overheated housing market are now worried about a bubble
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The anatomy of a housing bubble

Why do we repeatedly fall into the trap of inflating bubbles even though history shows they always end badly? Blame your brain.
Property Inspections As Chinese Homebuyers Thronging Sydney Create Mini-Bubble Frenzy

How Vancouver’s runaway real estate became a national problem

Even localized housing bubbles can have national consequences, but Canada has no regulatory body capable of addressing them

Just how safe is the ’safe’ world of syndicated mortgages?

The condo boom has seen investors pour billions into syndicated mortgages. They’re pitched as high return, low risk investments—but is that too good to be true?
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The days of easy money in the housing market are over

If you recently bought into the housing market in Toronto or Vancouver solely to make a quick financial gain, you probably just made a mistake