Hudson's Bay Company

Ambassadress of Peace by George Franklin Arbuckle for HBC, c. 1953. Image Courtesy of HBC Corporate Collection

How the Hudson’s Bay Company shaped Canada’s history—and its borders

A new book explores the significant Indigenous influence on HBC’s expansion and how, for all its many evils, the company kept vast swaths of Canada from becoming part of the U.S.
Stephen Harper

Hyper-patriotic PM wears pride on his sleeve, chest, back ...

Model citizens and a fashion statement: ’CANADA’
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The Insider Olympics

Lineups? Public transit? VIPs had a very different experience of the Games, from ‘swag suites’ to five-star dining.
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The Outlaws

For brands that aren’t sponsors, getting in the Games is its own game
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Heading to the Downtown Eastside for the swankiest party of the Games

Bob Rennie’s bash drew Iggy, Olympians, and protesters
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How ‘The Beaver’ lost its name

The story of how the Canadian magazine solved its 90-year-old branding problem
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Winning form: The game plan

If it’s true that nice guys finish last, Canada, in the run-up to Vancouver, is looking golden