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The real problem with politicians’ vacation time? Not enough of it.

Politicians—and their staffers—are starting to skip vacations to do more work. Is that really a good thing?

The perils of getting fired in the digital era

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The new boss: big data

Companies are turning to computer programs to decide who to hire, fire and promote


Quittin’ time

As confidence rises, workers will start looking for new jobs. Only top employers will be able to stop the rush.


A labour economist, a bureaucrat and a cabinet minister walk into a room … – Liveblogging the EI reform bill at HUMA

It’s no blue-ribbon panel, but at least they’ll let us watch, right? Join ITQ as she liveblogs the gang over at Human Resources, where they’re about to kick off what could be a short and sweet — well, short, at least — review of the government’s proposal to tweak the employment insurance system to provide a few more weeks of coverage for long-term workers. On the witness list today is the minister herself, as well as Canadian Labour Congress president Ken Georgetti, United Steelworkers economist Erin Weir and Rosalie Washington.