Humber College

Humber College Grads Rise and Hang

Humber grads sold storage system to Dragons’ Den, made millions

How two brothers designed a system that keeps couch-surfing students’ wardrobes neat
Humber College Gospel Choir

Humber’s for-credit gospel choir is a haven for students of all majors

Humber’s gospel choir is a credit course for music students, but non-music majors are welcome, too
Humber College Puppetry Program Student

Popular stage shows like ’War Horse’ are leading a puppetry revival

Productions like War Horse and Avenue Q have revived interest in puppetry, which lives somewhere between theatre and art
Chris Robinson on stage

Training the next generation of comedians, one gag at a time

Humber College’s comedy program is proving that while you can’t teach being funny, you can teach people how to get a laugh

Robot-ready grads take mechatronics at Humber

98% of grads get jobs by June and earn about $50,000 to start

Why colleges are increasingly being seen as the smart choice

This post-secondary option is no longer the poor cousin to university—even if your parents don’t agree

How mixing and matching is making education more unique

Post-secondary education can be personalized, just like your playlist or your movies
Rebecca Addelman

Rebecca Addelman, 31, is a writer for New Girl

Comedy work is sporadic, but the pay can get "obscene"
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College backtracks after telling students to dropout

A delay in criminal record checks left Humber College nursing students unsure if they could take a clinical placement
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Wish I could be there.....

What are the province and feds doing to help unemployed students?