A tribute to the Humboldt Broncos

Here are some touching tributes that were shared, as the Humboldt community and all of Canada grieved the loss of 16 people in the Broncos’s tragic highway bus crash.
HKO Sask Bus Crash Memorial 20180417

For this ’hockey wife,’ the Humboldt tragedy hits close to home

For years, Jessica Scott-Reid has seen her husband off as he boards the team bus—and knows firsthand how off-ice tragedy can shake people whose loved ones play hockey
Logan Hunter and Abbie Cannon. (Rene Cannon)

‘If it’s in the pantry, it’s free game’: Photos from a billet home in Humboldt

A billet mom’s photos offer a look at the home life of three Humboldt Broncos players

Humboldt school officials update support for students: Live video

In the wake of a tragic bus crash, Humboldt school officials will discuss the assistance being offered to local students and staff
HKO Sask Bus Crash 20180408

Why Justin Trudeau was a quiet face in the crowd in Humboldt

Politician visits to the site of a tragedy require a sensitive touch, showing leadership and compassion without making themselves the centre of attention