Hundred Years


Real postcards from the First World War that survived a century

These notes sent between those at war and home were preserved as part of the Wartime Canada project at the University of Western Ontario

These four Victoria Cross winners showed valour. Only one survived the war.

The mystery of why some men rush toward machine guns, instead of away. And the story of one young soldier who survived to have an ordinary life.

Margaret Atwood on the stark differences ’back home’ before and after the Great War

Although nothing was shelled or destroyed, everything changed on the home front

Celebrated athletes joined Canada’s WW1 effort—including six Olympians

Some stars of the future also got their start amid the fighting

The First World War united these Canadians by service and sacrifice

Their stories couldn’t be more different—from a wealthy socialite to a wandering Malaysian sailor. But they all served Canada when called upon.
Samuel Lewis Honey, VC. (Veterans Affairs Canada)

The heroic life of First World War soldier Samuel Lewis Honey

One Canadian hero, among many, from the conflict

What kept Canadian soldiers committed during the First World War?

Seven in ten were killed, injured or captured. And yet, they fought on.
King George V (left), with Victoria-born Canadian Corps commander Lt.-Gen. Sir Arthur Currie (centre) and Gen. Henry Horne, surveys Vimy Ridge (The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images)

He led Canada to victory in the Great War. Why did the troops dislike him?

Arthur Currie is widely considered one of Canada’s greatest military leaders. But soldiers felt differently.

This Canadian private wrote and saved hundreds of letters during the First World War

A rare collection of correspondences between a soldier and his mother offer an intimate look at life at war—and at home

Canada’s hundred day march to victory

The final days of the war showcased the skill and strategy of our forces. But they also brought many casualties.