Hurricane Harvey


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51 hurricane seasons in one chart

The 2017 hurricane season has not yet peaked, meaning the number of storms will likely rise much higher
TOPSHOT - A photo taken on September 7, 2017 shows damage in Orient Bay on the French Carribean island of Saint-Martin, after the passage of Hurricane Irma.
France, the Netherlands and Britain on September 7 rushed to provide water, emergency rations and rescue teams to territories in the Caribbean hit by Hurricane Irma, with aid efforts complicated by damage to local airports and harbours. The worst-affected island so far is Saint Martin, which is divided between the Netherlands and France, where French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe confirmed four people were killed and 50 more injured. (Lionel Chamoiseau/AFP/Getty Images)

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How Harvey’s massive rainfall compares to other major North American floods

Harvey dumped nearly three times the amount of rain seen in one of Canada’s worst storms
Hurricane Harvey from space

Hurricane Harvey captured from outer space

Watch NASA’s striking footage from outer space of the devastating Category 4 hurricane that consumed the central Texas coast on August 24.
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Hurricane Harvey Slams Into Texas Gulf Coast

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From pet rescuers to agencies that assist the disabled, a constellation of services allow Canadians to pitch in
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Is Hurricane Harvey a harbinger for Houston’s future?

The extreme impacts of recent storms, especially in Houston, has led to questions over whether climate change is to blame