Hurricane Maria

Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

What Colin Kaepernick can teach us about citizenship

Opinion: Kaepernick’s protest, about what and who makes a team and a nation, can also be connected to environmental justice

Why scientific information is the key to democracy

Opinion: Recent public-policy failures in Flint and Puerto Rico are related to a lack of openness around public access to information
Extreme winds and seaweed-filled storm surge during Hurricane Dennis.

Climate change is making weather more extreme. How can Canada prepare?

As climate change makes weather more extreme, climatologist David Phillips urges cities to invest in stronger infrastructure to handle ’the storms of the future, not the storms of the past.’
Jim Cantore Reports On Hurricane Irene For The Weather Channel

Why meteorologists keep putting themselves at the eye of the storm

Anne Kingston: It’s human instinct to turn to figureheads in times of crises. As the storms rage, action-figure scientists are filling the void
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Newfoundland braces for Hurricane Maria

Winds up to 120 km/h expected to sweep through province’s southern edge