A large Canadian flag is waved during th

Are white Canadians becoming conscious of their whiteness?

Terry Glavin: They’re less likely than Americans to identify as ’white’—and long have been. But a new survey suggests that’s changing.

Why budget ’gender statements’ are a bad idea

Rather than promoting shared values, they curate differences—part of a political trend that’s now wreaking havoc in the U.S.
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REVIEW: 1982

Book by Jian Ghomeshi

Google wants to see your papers

Google will let you use whatever name you want—so long as it’s on your driver’s license, too

(Still) Searching for a new Liberalism

Why marketing is the centerpiece of modern political campaigning
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I’d rather be Parisian

Two new books tap into a growing feeling of ‘continent envy’—the idea that we really belong somewhere else
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I’m not that Lisa Rundle

For some, the Davidar scandal was tantalizing gossip or morality tale. For me, it felt oddly personal.