In conversation

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The Arkells frontman and the author of ‘The Fifth Risk’ and ‘Moneyball’ discuss American politics, the importance of good government, and the nature of the presidency

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In a rare interview, the multitalented artist talks about raising better boys, the politics that informed her new album ‘Walls’, and how she inspired Pierre Trudeau

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The multifaceted actress speaks about her political activism, the institution of marriage, a new version of ‘9 to 5,’ and how the world has changed for women

Ontario MPP Michael Coteau on the Liberal implosion: ‘The simple fact is that we’ve lost’

Heading into the Ontario election, Michael Coteau was in cabinet; now, he’s just one of seven Liberal MPPs left. He speaks about what went wrong in a wide-ranging Q&A


How to fix democracy. Step one …

‘MPs have surrendered authority to the point where everybody thinks of them as trained seals’