’Monsieur Lazhar’ is Oscar-worthy

Akin to ’Incendies,’ but on a smaller canvas, it’s an immigrant tale with irresistible charm

The best in the world

Did a happy ending help this film beat out Canada’s ’Incendies’ at the Oscars?
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Just watch him

Hanging out in Hollywood with Denis Villeneuve, whose ’Incendies’ is up for best foreign-language film
MACTV11 17 – Brian Villenueve (STILL)

Driving in L.A. with Oscar-nominated director Denis Villeneuve

The Quebec director talks about his shot at the Oscar
Kings spech

Oscar crowns ’King’s Speech’, annoints Quebec’s ’Incendies’

In second place, ’True Grit’ edges out ’Social Network’ with 10 nominations

Opening Weekend: No Strings Attached, Incendies, The Company Men, The Way Back

Reitman and Villeneuve are both Canadian—but from different planets
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Mitchel Raphael on the MP who’s a Glee addict and the GG’s fire alarm

MP dilemma: Rick Mercer or Glee?, Encyclopedic knowledge

TIFF triggers Oscar buzz for ’The King’s Speech’

A period drama about British royalty was voted most popular picture at TIFF