income splitting

Pierre Poilievre 300×300

Q&A: Pierre Poilievre on parents, pensions and taxes

An interview with Harper’s polarizing point man on taxes and benefits
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Scott Brison responds on income-splitting

The Liberal finance critic on Harper’s "Family Tax Cut"
Stephen Harper, Joe Oliver

Who really benefits from income-splitting

Hint: it’s not families struggling hardest to get by
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Income-splitting isn’t about the rich and the rest

Middle-class benefits make it a different debate
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The surprising spoils of income-splitting

We’ve got new numbers on who gets how much
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Sorting out who wins with Harper’s family tax package

For families making $180,000-plus, a $1,452 average tax cut
Kevin Milligan

Is the Conservative tax plan principled or just vote-buying?

Each element of the tax package has roots in tax principles, but some parts fall short

Is the Canadian economy’s 7-month winning streak about to end?

Your top financial and economic news for Oct. 31
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Harper’s family tax cut isn’t great policy, or good politics

The way rules are written, the real winners will be lawyers and tax-professionals
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Harper makes his family tax platform harder to tear apart

John Geddes on the politics behind the family tax platform