income taxes

Kevin Milligan

How to analyze budgets like a pro

Here’s what you need to watch for as the federal parties release their platform budgets, like appearances of the cost-cutting fairy, and the revenue fairy

There are two big problems with the Alberta NDP tax plan

Given the size of Alberta’s deficit, the Alberta NDP’s tax changes alone won’t be enough to balance the budget by their mandate’s end
Justin Trudeau

Trudeau warns the rich to watch out, again

’If we don’t deliver fairness, Canadians will eventually entertain more radical options.’
Tom Mulcair

Thomas Mulcair versus taxes

’Never... Period. Full stop.’

Manitoba’s choice

Taxing high earners wouldn’t have filled provincial coffers, writes Kevin Milligan
The Great White tax haven

The Great White tax haven

How Canada has quietly emerged as a go-to destination for the world’s ultra-rich