Scottish referendum: Panicky in the U.K.

Just days before the referendum, Scotland’s pro-independence Yes side has taken the lead. Can No come back?

Scotland’s referendum is a bold, Braveheart campaign

Both loved and loathed, the 1995 film classic looms large in the battle over Scottish independence

Could an independent Quebec use the loonie?

The Euro crisis exposed why a monetary union between the ROC and Quebec wouldn’t work


Breakaway Scotland?

A third of Scots back the upcoming referendum on independence. The majority want devolution.

Closer to independence?

Closer to independence?

After the recent election victory by the Scottish Nationalist Party, a referendum looks likely by 2015


Happy anniversary

Bloc Quebecois MP Daniel Paille’s statement in the House yesterday.


Hello, my name is Noah…

This year’s Freshman is a Vancouver native, and he’s heading to U of T


Stoking the fires of nationalism in Scotland

Scottish Nationalist Party gears up in its push for independence


A big tent it isn’t

You can say many things about Pauline Marois, and many have. She’s bourgeoise, she has an Imelda-type infatuation with high heels, she lives in a garish chateau in the exburbs, she has an uncanny resemblance to a Tintin character. She is also politically savvy enough to have realized, after her party’s embarrassing defeat last year, that the PQ’s commitment to holding a referendum during its first mandate in power was the mother of all albatrosses. Marois said she would only return to the party if the referendum clause was put to pasture – and it was, officially and quickly, last month, with hardly a whimper.