Indigenous people

McKay stands near the taped-off area where his excavator turned up a human skull (Photograph by Jen Osborne)

Human remains found on Vancouver Island have opened a door into a lost world

The discovery has resurfaced the tragic story of the Pentlatch people
Ambassadress of Peace by George Franklin Arbuckle for HBC, c. 1953. Image Courtesy of HBC Corporate Collection

How the Hudson’s Bay Company shaped Canada’s history—and its borders

A new book explores the significant Indigenous influence on HBC’s expansion and how, for all its many evils, the company kept vast swaths of Canada from becoming part of the U.S.

Are ’man camps’ that house pipeline construction workers a menace to Indigenous women?

While activists say a ’hyper-masculine’ culture in remote work camps poses a threat to women in surrounding areas, others say the inflammatory ’man camp’ accusation doesn’t reflect reality
Debbie Baptiste

Why has Colten Boushie’s mother had to work so hard just to prove her son’s humanity?

From the moment she learned of her son’s death to the days following his killer’s acquittal, Debbie Baptiste has shown tremendous strength and courage in her fight for justice and change.

Sen. Murray Sinclair: Our children do not set out in life to fail

Our children are the ongoing prize in the cultural war that Canada declared against us over 150 years ago.
MMIW Inquiry Whitehorse 20170601

What happens if the MMIWG inquiry misses its 2018 deadline?

The MMIWG inquiry will likely miss the November 2018 deadline for its final report, faced with the same challenges as similar investigations
Jeremy Davies in Sharbot Lake September 28, 2017. (Photograph by Blair Gable)

Why Gladue has not lived up to its promise for Indigenous justice

Across the country, Gladue rights for Indigenous offenders are being ignored, underfunded or flat-out denied

Trudeau slips a challenge to Indigenous leaders

In his UN speech, the PM spoke mostly about what Ottawa’s doing, but he also called for Indigenous groups to rethink how they’re organized
Joseph Boyden (Photograph by Jacob C Boynton)

My name is Joseph Boyden

Being Indigenous isn’t all about DNA. It’s about who you claim, and who claims you.
Hide and Peek

How to preserve Indigenous languages for the next generation

William and Kate will see the latest tool in an Indigenous linguistic arsenal in Whitehorse