Far-fetched tales of woe are falling victim to new technologies, as insurers learn how to better fight insurance fraud (Mikkel William/Getty Images; Photo illustration by Drew Maynard)

Trying to lie to your insurance company? Your car will betray you.

Car tech is exposing the nose-stretchers told by drivers trying to scam their insurers
Canadian soldiers inspect a flooded residential area in Gatineau

Canada’s not ready for a future of massive storms

Floodplain maps are out of date, insurance is inadequate and few of Canada’s cities are prepared to deal with the looming crisis
Department Of Justice Launches Civil Rights Investigation In Shooting Of A Black Man By Baton Rouge Police Officer

Could insurance bring an end to police violence?

City treasuries absorb the cost of lawsuits against police. If officers had to carry their own coverage, accountability would go way up — and violence would plummet.
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Who’s suing whom

A Vancouver Island First Nation sues over land claims, and a transgendered woman in Winnipeg accuses police of abuse
NHL prepared for catastrophe

NHL prepared for Lokomotiv-like catastrophe

The Lokomotiv Yaroslavl tragedy was devastating, but not unpredictable
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Insurance orange alert

Canada’s terrorism insurance industry dates back to 2001
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Pitchmen gone wild

Insurance brokers say in the past few years there has been a marked rise in the number of firms seeking to guard against losses stemming from misbehaving spokespeople
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Insurers strike back

40,000 lightning-related claims filed each year in Canada
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Cuban Confusion

Do You Or Don’t You Need Health Insurance?