International Students

How fraud artists are exploiting Canada’s international education boom

When a private, fly-by-night college owned by a scandal-plagued Montreal family imploded, so did the dreams of hundreds of international students

Malik, shown here at home in New Delhi, studies UBC’s engineering courses online (Photograph by Ebti Nabag)

How the pandemic has disrupted the lives of international students in Canada

With the traditional education-to-citizenship route disrupted, COVID-19 has thrown the future of international students in Canada into uncertainty

Building and classroom safety measures in the Maanjiwe Nendamowinan building at the UofT Mississauga Campus (Nick Iwanyshyn/University of Toronto)

Can Canada’s universities survive COVID?

Fewer international students, half-full residences, shuttered food services and empty parking lots add up to devastating revenue losses. And public funding has fallen over the past decade. Universities are in for a reckoning.

Why universities are trying to recruit overseas students from as many places as possible

In 2018 alone, 54.1 per cent of Canadian study permits went to students from only two countries: India and China. Here’s why and how schools are trying to change that.

The culture shock of Western Canada

When Ali Najaf came to Simon Fraser University, he had to learn everything about living on his own. But people were always ready to help.

How TRU draws 3,500 students from 100 different countries

It’s not easy for a fledgling school like Thompson Rivers University to compete on the international stage. That’s why they have a special strategy: TLC.

From Bogota to the B.C. interior: Four international students on choosing TRU

The fact that the school is in a smaller, less expensive city is part of the appeal. “It offered more of a community. You get to know your classmates.”

How Cape Breton University solved two problems with four minivans

A pilot project at CBU connects international students with rural businesses

RovBOT immigration and visas: RovBOT co-founders, from left to right, Ruhi Madiwale, Dhivya Jayaraman, and JeyaBalaji Samuthiravelu work in the Shiftkey labs at Dalhousie University where they share the space with other companies on Monday, September 18, 2017. (Photograph by Darren Calabrese)

Find Canadian student visas confusing? Maybe this robot can help

Immigration bureaucracy befuddles foreign students; these start-ups want to help with artificial intelligence

These Canadian universities have the most international students

How schools compare for welcoming out-of-province and foreign students

How Canadian universities help international students thrive

Foreign students are streaming into this country as universities offer guaranteed housing, language classes and mentoring to help newcomers succeed

The biggest challenges for universities: a prof’s view

The problems look different from inside the classroom