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Justin Trudeau

Trudeau’s next trade challenge: free trade at home

As the PM and the premiers prepare to talk interprovincial trade, our latest poll finds opinion solidly for scrapping barriers—with politically tricky regional differences

The ’free the beer’ case shows Canada isn’t a true economic union

Opinion: Canada is more focussed than ever on international free trade. So why doesn’t the country even have free trade within its own borders?
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The good—and the bad—in Canada’s provincial trade deal

The deal to tear down trade barriers between the provinces isn’t perfect, but it finally puts Canada on a path to greater internal trade freedom
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Why barriers to trade between the provinces leave us all poorer

A new Senate report offers a roadmap to freer interprovincial trade and a stronger Canadian economy. Will anyone listen?
Okanagan wine country

Ottawa makes a push for eliminating economic barriers between provinces

James Moore’s plan to revive the Agreement on Internal Trade