iowa caucus

Pete Buttigieg’s brand is logical, not inspirational—and it seems to work

The young mayor’s Christian values, military service and academic bearing got him into the conversation. Will his support hold as the race for the Democratic nomination heats up?

The Iowa caucuses pick themselves a winner

The candidates must have called a thousand times. And with America’s eyes upon them, the residents of tiny Adel, Iowa, didn’t disappoint on caucus day.

‘Anti-gay’… I mean, ‘pro-family’

Why are mainstream media adopting Rick Santorum’s hideous euphemisms?


The doge of Des Moines

What has me concerned is that on Main Street Iowa people are coming up to me and saying, ‘What do you think about Dr. Paul?’ These are folks who have to be informed. They have to get past the 30- and 60-second ads. If you ask Iowans if they’re for legalizing marijuana or legalizing heroin, they’d say no. But Dr. Paul has said on many occasions that that’s OK. But people don’t all know that.


Clouds gather over Romney in New Hampshire

We’re about six weeks away from the New Hampshire primary and already the Republican race may be shaping up to surprise even the most astute observer. The Manchester Union Leader has endorsed Newt Gingrich over the frontrunner and part-time New Hampshire resident Mitt Romney. This is all the more surprising when you consider Gingrich’s campaign was on life support just a few weeks ago. Gingrich also leads in the latest poll out of Iowa, a state known for its social conservative bias.