Smarter Than You Think

by Clive Thompson

The evolutionary advantages of a cold climate

It’s freezing in Edmonton—all the more reason to move there


Western U. research discredits IQ tests

Scientists also reveal insights on brain training and aging

Should Windsor close the tap on fluoridation?

We’re not positively sure flouride helps prevent caries. But there’s no evidence at all it causes cancer.


Smarter people more likely to try drugs

“Likely mechanism is openness to experience”


The Week: Good News, Bad News

Hopeful signs, The drips just keep on coming and Ontairy-airy-airy-o


The politics of IQ

Squabbling persists over who’s smarter, liberals or conservatives. Maybe a better question is: who cares?


Why smart people do stupid things

IQ measures raw intelligence, sure, but what we need is a test for how we actually think