Iran plane crash


We all share this grief

Our editorial: On our cover this month, we offer a Farsi expression of condolence to illustrate a collective spirit of national devastation after the downing of Flight 752 in Tehran
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Flight 752: A family torn apart

Abbas Saadat said goodbye to his family as they headed home to their lives in Edmonton. Don’t worry, they told each other. Life was good.

A nation’s loss: Victims of Flight 752

Fifty-seven Canadians were killed when their plane was shot down in Iran. They included scientists, students, newlyweds and children from across the country.

‘They were both go-getters’

Armin Morattab, 36, remembers his twin, Arvin Morattab, 1984-2020, and his sister-in-law, Aida Farzaneh, 1986-2020

‘Her heart was like the ocean’

Sisters Asieh Banisadr, 40, and Salmeh Banisadr, 40, remember their mother, Niloufar Sadr, 1958-2020
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Walking in the footsteps of the victims of Flight 752

The Tehran air crash victims followed a path of hope to Canada. We learn much by walking in their footsteps.

‘They wanted a simple life’

Babak Ahmadi, 38, remembers his friends Razgar Rahimi, 1981-2020, and Farideh Gholami, 1981-2020, and his godson Jiwan Rahimi, 2016-2020

Arrests will only thwart investigation of flight PS752

Christine Negroni: Crash detectives rely heavily on people—operational staff, air traffic controllers, airline schedulers. People are the greatest resource.

How Iran could have shot down a passenger jet

Safeguards should have stopped the targeting of an airliner. Tensions, egos and loosened rules could have got in the way.

Donald Trump gets impeached—57 Canadians die

Scott Gilmore: There are effects of the Trump presidency. Some will be felt in the decades to come, others are immediate and tragic.