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FILM REVIEWS: ‘Iron Man,’ ‘Fugitive Pieces,’ ‘Standard Operating Procedure’

Somehow I neglected to see Made of Honor. Shoot me. But among this week’s other new releases, there are some solid choices. From Hollywood, a new superhero is born with Iron Man, starring a re-tooled Robert Downey Jr., whose transformation from freaky, drug-addicted felon to buff box-office titan is as miraculous as the change undergone by his character onscreen. From Canada, Anne Michaels’ novel Fugitive Pieces finally opens in Canadian theatres, with an ending radically amended from the version that premiered as the opening night gala of the Toronto International Film Festival last year. And documentary wizard Errol Morris brings us Standard Operating Procedure, a mesmerizing investigation into the larger crimes behind the shocking photographs of military abuse from Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison.