U Sask joins with province on isotope-producing reactor

University has been studying the nuclear project’s feasibility for the past year


It’s complicated

Before yesterday’s eventfulness, Carolyn Bennett’s office sent over a manifesto of sorts on the medical isotope shortage.


‘So taken out of context’

Lisa Raitt sits for her first interview since the unpleasantness. Meanwhile, Doug Bell attempts to parse her earlier apology.

The Commons: ‘When will it stop?’

Ignatieff on Lisa Raitt: ‘When will the minister cease to be distracted and begin doing her job?’


Mac reactor gets $22m to boost isotope production

Chalk River reactor will be offline for months, despite global need for medical isotopes


Chalk River redux

Stephen Harper on Linda Keen, Dec. 11, 2007. “What we do know is the continuing actions of the Liberal appointed Nuclear Safety Commission will jeopardize the health and safety and lives of tens of thousands of Canadians. We do not have the authority to act as an executive, but we do have the responsibility to demand that Parliament step in and fix this situation before the health of more people is put in jeopardy.”


Megapundit: Flummery! Flimshaw! Flim-flam! Bumf!

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