The Duke Of Cambridge Visits Jordan, Israel And The Occupied Palestinian Territories

Prince William’s Middle East trip is the future king’s biggest test

Prince William’s Middle East tour, which includes the first official visit to Israel by a senior British royal, will be fraught—and it’s unclear if he’s up for the challenge
Victims of alleged gas attack in Eastern Ghouta

How Israel became a defender of the Syrian people

Terry Glavin: With the U.S. wavering and the chemical attacks continuing, Israelis have found themselves drawn reluctantly into the chaos

What U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital means for the Middle East

Opinion: Trump’s decision seems oblivious to the fragility of coexistence in the city between its Israeli and Palestinian inhabitants
Syria 445×290

Why Israel is saving Syrian rebels

’All my life I was told Israel is my enemy. But only Israel is our friend,’ says one fighter from a hospital in Tzfat.
Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May’s split with the Greens

The leader and her party don’t see eye-to-eye on the BDS movement. Maybe it’s time for them to go their separate ways.
People are silhouetted in front of a screen during the launch of Mobli Media Inc, in Tel Aviv

Why Israel is so successful at building tech companies

Israel’s chief scientist explains why the country has the highest concentration of startups in the world. Are there lessons for Canada?

Novel cut from Israeli school curriculum becomes bestseller

Borderlife, a novel about an Israeli-Palestinian romance, will be translated into English later this year
Benjamin Netanyahu

Why Netanyahu’s revisionist Holocaust history helps no one

The Israeli prime minister’s recent lie about the roots of the tragedy will have dangerous, far-reaching implications
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel addresses the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington.

Amiel: A land for peace? Come off it.

Barbara Amiel on Israel’s elections and the brilliance of Bibi
British Police To Step Up Patrols In Jewish Communities

France’s Jewish exodus—to Britain

In the wake of the Paris attacks, thousands of French Jews are fleeing—not to Israel, but to Britain