Ivan Reitman

GHOSTBUSTERS, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, 1984, (c) Columbia/courtesy Everett Collection

Ghostbusters at 30: The first modern comedy?

Not only is Ghostbusters still popular, it may have created a new kind of film comedy
On making Animal House, Melissa McCarthy as the new Belushi—and sex in a Seth Rogen world

On making Animal House, Melissa McCarthy and sex in a Seth Rogen world

In conversation with producer-director Ivan Reitman

Opening Weekend: No Strings Attached, Incendies, The Company Men, The Way Back

Reitman and Villeneuve are both Canadian—but from different planets
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Ivan Reitman warms up Whistler

Ghostbusters mogul blesses a gem from Quebec, and our critic skis to a silver medal
The bubbly Gabourey Sidibe

Top 10 Best Moments at TIFF

Kudos to the stars of ’Precious,’ stylish Jennifer Connelly and to George Clooney and Chris Rock for telling it like it is
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Odd Couple

When Ghostbuster Ivan Reitman wants to remake a sexy French movie, who’s he gonna call—auteur Atom Egoyan!

The Odd Couple: Ivan Reitman and Atom Egoyan (HQ version)

They are two Canadians from opposite ends of the cinematic spectrum
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Video Gallery: Toronto Film Festival 2005

Jeff Harris goes behind the scenes