Jacob Richler

Goats feeding at Teal’s Meats in Waterford, Ontario on January 23, 2017.

Can goat meat hoof its way to the culinary forefront?

Goat is enviably healthy, rich in iron and protein, tender in a braise, and popular in the developing world. Why is it so hard to get in North America?

Mordecai Richler’s 5,000 books

From 2013: Jacob Richler on the preservation of a literary lion’s library

Jacob Richler cooks in the kitchen from hell

Richler helps David Hawksworth prepare the meal of a lifetime

The duck egg definitely comes first

In this new shell game, the chicken egg is supplanted by more exotic offerings
A fine fettle over fennel

Jacob Richler and a fettle over fennel

Excerpt from a culinary memoir with bonus recipe for ’Lobster pasta with f--king fennel’
Canada’s Best Restaurants

Jacob Richler on unexpected choices and unimpeachable recommendations

Maclean’s columnist Jacob Richler explains how a team of food critics came up with our 50 best restaurants
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A baking test with stone-milled flour

Having a bag of culinary history was great, but what would it taste like as bread?
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How the Blue Water Café got it right

At this Vancouver seafood restaurant, you get to enjoy ethical bounty, without the lecture