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Fiona Staples’ not-final artwork for the Archie relaunch.  Fiona Staples

Golly gee, is that . . . Archie?

The 75-year-old teen gets a serious makeover. But is it wise to mess with a beloved comic book icon?
Dumb and Dumber To

In debt to Dumb and Dumber

After 20 years, an unlikely sequel launches in a comic universe it helped create
2 BROKE GIRLS (aka TWO BROKE GIRLS), from left: Beth Behrs, Kat Dennings, (Season 1), 2011-. photo:

Hold on, let me check my Friendster

Touching on the latest trends and technology can be a risky formula for TV writers
The Knick – New HBO show

A game-changer for TV directors

Television is a writer’s medium, and that can limit the creativity of a show’s director. But times are changing.
Missing image

Happy Birthday’s sad money grab

All those restaurant waiters singing the iconic tune? Legally, they could owe $20,000.